Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney perform ‘FourFiveSeconds’ at Grammys...

Anyone that says Rihanna has not proven herself as a singer tonight are lying. Either that or they hate her that much they just can't bring themselves to admit it. This is the best vocal performance she has given in years, possibly the best in her 10-year career. The raw and organic nature of it was appreciated and the crowd reaction spoke for itself.
While assisted by Kanye West and a guitar-strumming Paul McCartney, she delivered a really strong vocal, sang on key from start to finish and channeled all her emotions on stage. Her vocal coach definitely deserves a gold medal. It's nice she can blow everyone away like this and still remain fully clothed. A massive turning point in her career was certainly made. I call it... artistic progression. 'FourFiveSeconds' serves as the lead single from her upcoming eighth studio album which will be executive produced by Kanye (he announced this news during a pre-show interview). Excited?