Chris Brown and this baby mama drama...

Prior to work, study and parent commitments, I missed out on quite a bit this week, including the BIG one. That being... Chris Brown now has a 9-month old daughter named Royalty with a 31-year-old Hispanic Instagram model (or full time nursing student) named Nia Amey, who is currently raising the baby in Texas. As this pic shows, his girlfriend Karrueche Tran and her bff Christina Milian were thick as thieves with this woman. Chris is a whore, so I would not find it all that shocking if he slept his way through ALL of her friends. The only reason why this fling came out, is because a baby was concieved at the end of it.
Karrueche (foolishly) announced on Twitter that she has dumped him because she's not cut out for any "baby mama drama," although she was willing to put up with his serial cheating and constant disrespect just to maintain the lavish lifestyle. Why would a baby make any difference to her when she's already put up with MUCH worse from him in the past? I didn't think it possible for her to have any boundaries.

The tweet just opened her up for further ridicule. Many people believe she will just go back to him in another month or so after the dust settles, like she's done many times before. You would probably catch her papped at the corner store buying milk and diapers, being the good little step mommy. Without Chris Brown, this woman has no identity. She clearly enjoys the benefits of being the girlfriend of a rich pop star who just so happens to be a tabloid magnet.

I just can't see Ms. Tran giving up the lifestyle so easily just for a baby mama to step in and take it all over. She's stayed with him because he affords her a lifestyle that she can only dream of if it came down to her own hard work and merit. I think she has garnered enough spotlight and publicity to make a name for herself on a reality show. She does not need CB anymore. She does not need to sacrifice her happiness for the lifestyle when she can find happiness with someone else who would treat her with respect. I suppose in due time, we shall see if this really is the final straw to break the camel's back. The sad thing about it is that I don't even think fatherhood will change him much. It was only a day ago he had another social media tantrum, as I knew would happen whenever he makes tabloid headlines over some drama. He is going to be 26 in a few weeks. That means he is closer to 30 than he is to 20. He needs to grow up and banish himself off social media to focus on being a good father to that little girl.