Kelly Rowland & Brandy score new BET shows...

Set to take over the small screen...
BET have announced new shows for Kelly Rowland and Brandy. 

The latter's show will see Brandy playing the lead role in a romantic comedy. Her character Zoë Moon will play a new divorcee. 

She is juggling a life between being a single mom to a 10-year-old son and a career as a blossoming cosmetics mogul. Talk about art imitating life! 

I mean, that is pretty similar to Brandy's life right now. I wonder if she had any say in the show's premise. It's good to see her making a return to the scripted forum. I will be watching it.

Meanwhile, Kelly, who has enjoyed major success with Destiny's Child, has teamed up with BET to launch 'Chasing Destiny', a multi-platform search for the next singing superstar. 

Her aim is bring together young women required to meet Kelly’s specification of star power. Sounds interesting. 

I hope Kelly can nurture that artist with good songs and marketing so that they can actually sell albums. As Kelly has figured, it's not easy to sell albums without a good team behind you or simply put without Beyoncé Destiny's Child. 

I would hate to think these contestants are just being used as scapegoats for a TV show and its ratings.

Saying that, congrats to both ladies. This is a good look for both of them!