Rihanna looking flawless in Hawaii, while album roll-out comes into dispute...

A bikini-clad Rihanna continues to enjoy her Hawaiian vacation without a care in the world, despite major concerns over her album roll-out.

Media outlets believe Rihanna premiering her 'American Oxygen' video exclusively on Tidal may have hurt the launch of the song, which sold only 19K in its first four days. 

On top of that, reports suggest Apple (who deny it) are sabotaging Rihanna and other artists on Tidal.

Initial reports stated that Tidal artists’ music would not be promoted as featured artists on iTunes if they put exclusive music out on Tidal. My take on the issue?

Even if this was true, it's not shocking. Amazon and Target sabotaged Beyoncé when she exclusively released her surprise album to iTunes. Overall, I believe the Tidal exclusives WILL hurt Rihanna's new album era if she keeps this up. It's just not wise to turn your back on VEVO and YouTube when the views on those platforms have the biggest impact. Hopefully, Rihanna has seen the negative effect this has had on her music and she goes back to putting out music on platforms that have benefitted her the most.