Diplo slams Rihanna; says Major Lazer + 'Lean On' is 'bigger' than any of her songs...

Popular producer DJ Diplo has slammed Rihanna in a new interview after she supposedly gave him the cold shoulder during a recent studio visit. 

Diplo, who is currently enjoying worldwide success with his latest single 'Lean On', told The Standard: 

“I was in the studio with Rihanna two weeks ago, still playing the game." 

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"I was trying to convince her why she should do so-and-so and thinking, ‘Lean On is bigger than any of her songs around the world right now. Why am I even sitting here trying to negotiate?" 

"I honestly was not that interested in working on her record but I’ll never say no to anybody until I’ve gotten a vibe from them."  Source.

I suppose Diplo thinks he can say that since Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money' and 'American Oxygen' both underperformed this year, sans 'FourFiveSeconds.' Never mind that she has 13 number ones to her name. It's not cool to big yourself up simply because another artist is encountering what some would consider a semi-flop era. You never know when they will pull a blinder and light a match under your ass. I hope her next song blows up. What do you think? Is Rihanna an egotistical cold hearted bitch too big for her boots or is Diplo being an overdramatic titty baby?