Is 'Pretty Girls' flopping?

Song is losing steam already...
Seems like Britney and Iggy's single is flopping. When 'Pretty Girls' was released to iTunes on May 3rd, it jumped straight in at #2. 

This was based on hype and word of mouth. Cue a week later, and the song slides further out of the top 10, out of the top 20 and now it's currently heading out of the top 30. The song now sits at #24 on iTunes US. I don't have a problem with 'Pretty Girls.' In fact, I like the song a lot.

I just feel it could have been better if it were Fergie and Nicki Minaj. Something about it just seems forced. The music video was meant to drop today (it still might), but VEVO Brazil have reportedly confirmed it for Wednesday. Hopefully, the video and their Billboard Music Awards performance this weekend can help turn things around.