M.I.A: Rihanna's 'Bitch' video...

Waiting game continues...
Rihanna didn't sound so enthusiastic when paps asked her when the music video for 'Bitch Better Have My Money' would see a premiere. Instead, she replied with a very unconvincing "soon." It's been well over a month since 'Bitch' premiered and went to iTunes, and there has been no sign of a video. 

I don't even like the song. I just want to see something to show her album era for R8 is back on track.

It's been such a messy era. What are the chances that R8 has been put on hold, until she can actually score herself a sizable hit? I just find it odd that she releases three songs, and then keeps quiet about the album. We know she's still recording it because she was spotted at the studio with her former flame Drake this week. 

Why release three songs if the album is nowhere near ready? That is not how Rihanna has done things in the past. I feel at this point, a video may not do much for 'Bitch,' because she left it way too late and since her latest songs have not been charting well, she's going to want to make sure her album doesn't flop. 'FourFiveSeconds' peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, 'Bitch' peaked at #17, and 'American Oxygen' peaked at just #78. Girl, just give us another 'Where Have You Been' and be done with it.  

Let's see what becomes of her SNL performance on May 16th.