What is Beyoncé up to at Def Jam?

Did Beyoncé just confirm a new Def Jam game?  

She has already fulfilled her five-album contract with Columbia.

Yet, I don't think she's signing with them, but as I say, something is definetely up. Also, fresh off shooting a brand new Givenchy campaign with head designer Riccardo Tisci in New York City, Beyoncé jumped on social media again to showcase some of her latest looks.

For the shoot, she was rocking designs from the Givenchy Fall 2015 collection. Her see-through dress at the Met Gala was also by Givenchy. I think Bey needs to go back to darker hair. She made it cool to have dark roots on bleached blonde hair and saving fans a shitload of money in constant touch-ups. However, there's something about dark hair Beyoncé that pops.