Yahoo presents: Ciara 'Jackie' tour live (replay)...

Why is Ciara singing live?!
Somebody needs to tell Ciara that live vocals is not the reason people are paying to see her live. Folks just want to see her dance and give minimum vocals. It's probably not what she wants to hear, since lately she's been trying to establish herself as a vocalist. 

Unfortunately, Ciara's vocals took quite a battering, while incorporating dance into her high-octane set. The dancing just didn't reflect the lack of solid vocals.

Perhaps it was not the best idea to combine the two. What normally happens is that the choreography also suffers as a consequence. She should have pre-recorded some vocals like what Beyoncé does at her shows. As for the slow numbers, you could mute the audio, watch her contorted facial expressions and swear she's singing Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You.'  Then you unmute, and the reality sinks in again. From a career standpoint, Ciara's problem is that she doesn't know what works to her advantage. 

There have been songs gone ignored in the past that were screaming to be hits ('Overdose,' and more) and then this new album serves up generic mush and lacks progression. Despite the mishaps and poor management, you still want to root for Ciara and see her do well. Other times, it makes me question whether Ciara is even in the right profession, whether modelling and living off her beauty was her true calling. 

Check out the replay below; Ciara 'Jackie' tour concert on Yahoo Live at The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD