Adele enlists Pharrell Williams for new album...

Pharrell Williams, who confirmed he is working on Adele's new album, told Ryan Seacrest at yesterday's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, that Adele is in no rush to release new music.

He alludes that Adele is taking forever and a day to drop her new album simply because her baby son comes first.

I don't begrudge her at all, as prioritising motherhood is the right thing to do.

Though fans are frustrated, the agonising wait will be worthwhile. I hope they come with something fun and funky. It would make a nice change from the heartbreak subjects we've become accustomed to! The hitmaker, who has been working on the upcoming albums of Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, says:
"She’s kinda like, ‘OK, guys, I’m gonna open my diary for 20 minutes.’ So it’s like, OK, you have 20 minutes, or 32 minutes really then she gives it to you and closes it up and disappears, and she’s off with her beautiful boy and that’s what it’s all about."