Album cover + tracklist: Leona Lewis - 'I Am' (Deluxe Edition)...

There hasn''t been much hype surrounding Leona Lewis' new album 'I Am,' which hits retail on September 11th.

It's kind of scary, since her latest single 'Fire Under My Feet' officially flopped. It's not a bad song, but perhaps she needed to take bigger risks and put out something a bit more cutting edge?!

Anyway, here's her official deluxe album cover and the deluxe tracklist is below.

 'I Am' tracklist
1. Thunder
2. Fire Under My Feet
3. You Knew Me When
4. I Am
5. Ladders
6. The Essence of Me
7. I Got You
8. Power
9. Another Love Song
10. Thank You
Deluxe edition
11. Thick Skin
12. The Best and The Worst
13. I Am (Acoustic)
14. Thunder (Acoustic)
15. Fire Under My Feet (United Studios Session)

Leona performs 'Fire Under My Feet,' live on The One Show: