Black Twitter rips Keri Hilson a new one for supporting Rachel Dolezal...

The most publicity she's had since Beyoncé...
Milk carton singer Keri Hilson hasn't had a hit in over five years. Her career has pretty much been in a slump ever since she tried to come for Beyoncé's wig, prompting Beyhive to wage a lengthy hate campaign against her.

Keri had her first hit in so many years today when she became the third trending topic on Twitter. She controversally told her followers that they should thank Rachel Dolezal for what she's done for the African American community sparking outrage from Black Twitter.

Apparently, Spokane NAACP leader and civil rights activist Dolezal was discovered to have lied about being black and even shunned her caucasian parents for years just to keep up with the lie and image. Her biological parents (pictured below at her wedding) spoke to the media this week claiming their daughter to be full white. They claim she has been lying about her racial identity for years. Dolezal also works as a part-time professor of the Africana Studies Program at Eastern Washington University, and has previously published various content about being black in America.

Even if this woman identifies with African American culture (her husband is black), there is no reason why she couldn't effectively advocate the causes of the African-American community by telling the truth and being herself. Instead, she darkened her skin tone and wore ethnic hairstyles to pose as a black woman and some are seeing it as no different from blackface. I think Keri is not seeing the bigger picture here which is why folks are ripping her a new asshole. Some people should just stick to speaking on topics in their own lane, like low record sales and empty arenas.