Janet Jackson announces self-owned record label + album release...

We're so near!!!!!!!!!
Janet Jackson has just confirmed that her new album will be released this fall on her very own Rhythm Nation label in partnership with BMG.

She arguably becomes the first female African-American recording artist to form her own record label, which offers opportunities to both new and established recording artists. Radio Facts also reports that her new single will "hit radio within 30 days." Whoooosh! With all this Janet news, I had to come back! I had to.

New album. New single. New tour. The promo rollout and photoshoots has me amped already. My eyes are still weeping after that unexpected announcemnent on her birthday. I want to pinch myself but it probably won't do a whole lot of good until I see her album on the shelves. I fear I may get the rug pulled from underneath my feet. Read the full press release here.