Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Leona Lewis performs 'Fire Under My Feet' live on Sunday Night at the Palladium...

Song is underperforming...
This was a great performance from Leona. It served as the first televised performance of 'Fire' and she delivered a really strong, uninhibited vocal.

However, the British buying public have not been kind. Or perhaps they felt this song was a little too Adele-ish and are just holding out for the real thing. I think it's commendable that Leona took a risk with her music, but 'Fire Under My Feet' just isn't going to be the big comeback hit we'd all hoped it would be.

In the midweeks, it's apparrently at #18 but officially, it may not even scrape the top 20. Seems she's having a premature Mariah moment which doesn't bode too well given that she's only five albums into her career. Hopefully, her team can save this era with something bigger.