New Music: Janet Jackson – ‘No Sleeep’ (new single)...

Is JJ's comeback single a hit?
Janet Jackson returns with her brand new comeback single 'No Sleeep,' which was produced by longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Janet sings about sexy, restless nights on the laidback, mellow groove, while utilising those trademark whispery vocals and switching to full voice towards the end (my favourite part of the song). First things first, this is not single material and it won't catapult her to the top of the charts. Though choosing the mature route is understandable on Janet's behalf.

Her listeners are older and at 49-years-old, her fan base is Urban AC now, so she is not going to want to target the teenyboppers and follow trends. I like the groove of it and the track itself has a nice melody, but I can't lie, I'm a tad bit disappointed. Janet has had far better grown and sexy kick-off singles in the past (ie. 'That's The Way Love Goes,' 'Got Til It's Gone,' 'Twenty Four Play' and so on), and I just feel like, she could have come with something stronger (while still maintaining that sultry, midtempo vibe). What do you think?