Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New Music: Trey Songz & Jennifer Lopez - 'What You Mean To Me'...

Interesting pairing...
The thought of Trey Songz and Jennifer Lopez singing a ballad together is enough to make anyone's ears twitch. 

However, their new duet 'What You Mean To Me,' off 'Finding Neverland: The Album' showcases how much their voices actually blend well together. The song is very Disney-esque and it's about the overwhelming feelings of fear and joy often attached to love. Neither of them are powerhouses. He's no Usher and she's no Celine.

Though it was good to see both of them deliver subtle and not try to sing in a range they just don't have. Cute song. 'Finding Neverland: The Album' will be released June 9th via Republic Records.