Iggy Azalea continues to defend herself against angry Britney fans...

A week ago, Iggy Azalea kind of blamed Britney Spears for 'Pretty Girls' flopping on the charts, as she barely promoted it.

Britney seemingly responded with a shady tweet of her own, which made hell of a lot of noise in the media.

Well, it doesn't end. Iggy continued her Twitter tirade insisting that if a roll-out plan could have happened on her end, it would have.

However, she insists it would have been in poor taste and weird had she attempted to go and promote the song on her own (although it has never stopped Ariana Grande from hogwashing 'Bang Bang' on multiple occasions).

The reason for why promo wasn't a collaborative process? Financally, the income for their labels would not be split equally given that Iggy is just the 'featured' artist. The main artist gets the bigger share of profit due to it being their song.

It's a given since the label of the main artist owns the rights and paid for the song. So, of course it would be impractical for the label of the featured artist to spend money and time on promo when they would not have benefited from it. OK. Damage control on fleek. Can we move on now?

In related news, Britney was back in the studio this week working alongside Grammy-nominated producer Ian Kirkpatrick (Jason Derulo, Hilary Duff, Neon Trees, etc). Interesting.