Video premiere: Janet Jackson feat. J. Cole – ‘No Sleeep’...

I applaud a fully clothed Janet Jackson for putting out a tasteful, age-appropriate visual (Madonna needs to take note on how to comeback gracefully). The video was sublime and classy, but I have to be honest and say I was expecting a little more from it.
I'm not implying a near 50-year-old woman should be twerking around half naked, but a little dance break would have made the simplistic visuals a tad bit more interesting. I find Janet's youth to be very timeless. I mean, she was looking like she stepped right off the set of 'That's The Way Love Goes,' 22 years ago!
Being married to a Middle Eastern man and living in the Middle East has seen Janet tone it all the waaay down. There was not an ounce of sexual dancing or displaying of skin. Even her arms were fully covered! I'm starting to wonder about the context of her tour. Will her costumes consist of double-layered veils, and flowing head-to-toe robes? If her marital lifestyle forbids a woman to wear scantily clad outfits or exhibit sexual characteristics on stage, what is this tour going to look like?

Speaking of her 'Unbreakable' tour which kicks off late next month, promoter Live Nation announces that 88 percent of the tickets on the trek’s first leg (Aug. 31st to Nov. 15th) were purchased two weeks after going on sale. On top of that, nearly 80 percent of the tickets for the second leg (Jan. 12th to March 9th) were gone in two days! That's crazy!