New Music: Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown – ‘Body On Me’ (first U.S. single)...

Rita Ora's new single with Chris Brown isn't half bad. I mean, 'Body On Me' is nothing spectacular, but it's nice for what it is and in part, it's catchy (at least the chants). As for that messy intro, she could have kept it.
All in all, I was expecting an urban club banger.
This on the other hand, is like a mellow and breezy synthpop song with R&B threads. In particular, it could easily be the sibling to 'Jealous' (Nick Jonas) and furthermore a distant cousin to 'Love Me Harder' (Ariana Grande) and 'Do What U Want' (Lady Gaga). Sonically, it's that type of track. Not a full fledged R&B song, but not a full fledged pop one either. Just something that tows the line.

I can't see it smashing in the States but having CB as a feature will certainly guarantee it some airplay. At least it's a big step up from 'Poison.' No complaints there. The sexy track, which was produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz, will serve as the first Stateside single off her upcoming new album, and the Colin Tilley-directed music video will premiere on August 21st. The song goes to iTunes tomorrow.