Beyoncé dragged by Azealia Banks over ditched remix...

A Nicki Minaj stan asks the controversially outspoken Azealia Banks why Beyoncé ditched her 'Partition' remix for Nicki Minaj’s. She replied, Bey supposedly ditched due to her lack of skin bleaching tablets. What?! WTF.
It's safe to assume she was passing word on Nicki. The skin bleaching accusations are more synonymous with the rapper's name, although Bey has had her fair share too. It really doesn't make much sense. Even if Nicki does take skin bleaching pills, Bey has always been the type of artist to work with someone based on merit. Not just that, but simply because she respects them. That much is evident as the list of people to feature on her songs is not very long. Banks may have missed out on the opportunity, but at the end of the day, you grin, suck it up and move on. You don't make damaging, frivolous claims such as these ones. If there was ever a chance she could work with Beyoncé, she's certainly ruined it for herself now.