Little Mix debut new single 'Love Me Like You'...

Little Mix’s brand new single, 'Love Me Like You' premiered on the radio today, and compared to 'Black Magic,' it's quite underwhelming. The girls channel Supremes-style pop on the Motown-influenced cut.
'Love Me Like You' sounds very 'Be My Baby' by The Ronettes. Perhaps there's an official sample in there somewhere? They channeled Cyndi Lauper on the lead single so borrowing from the retro land of pop appears to be the theme this time round.  

The “sha-la-lala” hook really sticks in your head and the chorus is quite big. This one is definitely a grower and it could actually pass for a Christmas jingle. The good thing about it is that it shows how much the girls have vocally evolved especially Leigh-Ann who has always been considered the weakest singer.
New album 'Get Weird' will be released globally on November 6th.
Via Ultimate Music