MTV VMAs hit with massive ratings plunge...

Are we even surprised that Sunday's Miley Cyrus-hosted VMAs only attracted a paltry 5.03 million viewers? The stats are down a massive 39% from last year's ceremony making it the lowest ratings in MTV history. This disheartens me because I used to love love love watching the VMAs growing up. 
I remember when the VMAs used to be everything! Every year, I'd be so excited to tune in. It didn't matter that I had school the following morning. Getting up late or only having four hours sleep was worth it to me. The performances were legendary and it was the ultimate lair for every A-List celebrity in town. If Michael Jackson was in the house, you knew the majority of the audience would be Hollywood royalty sitting in. No one has given as good a performance as his iconic 1995 showing or Janet Jackson's performance five years later. Britney Spears was once considered VMAs royalty. As a matter of fact, I lost interest in VMAs the moment Britney domination ended in 2004. Now I only find myself showing an interest if Beyoncé is on. The most talked about moments of this show used to be the iconic performances, when back in the day, pop music was hot, interesting and diversified. The kids would come to school that morning all buzzed because VMAs rocked. Our favourite artists had just slayed the stage and it would become the hot topic of discussion even in the classroom!

Now it's all about scripted "controversies," Miley crazy Cyrus, and vice versa.  Isn't the show called, the MTV Video Music Awards? Yet, MTV have not only made the decision to scrap TRL, but thought it a good idea to no longer run music videos. So it kind of defeats the existence of the show to begin with. In order to find music videos, we have to go on YouTube. What about those with no internet access? How would some of us know which artists have a new video out? Less commercial artists don't get a look in, so the show becomes one massive popularity contest. All the mainstream acts are the ones getting nominated in the big categories, with the smaller acts missing out.  Sunday's VMAs was a sham. Worst one, although this show has been declining steadily over the years. The younger generation of today have noooo idea how good we had it. I say, it's time to get rid. VMAs are no longer what it use to be and I don't think they will ever get their mojo back.