New Music: Chris Brown - 'Zero' (second single)...

Chris Brown releases his follow-up single 'Zero,' which serves as a retro-pop dance track with some electronic undertones. Breezy sings about lost love and moving on from a relationship, while his ex-girlfriend uses his Instagram page as her lurking ground.
Funny, considering he's been caught creeping around on Karrueche's Instagram page on multiple occasions, even after they split up. 

Also, Instagram is the very platform he uses to put any man on blast who dares express admiration towards that very ex-girlfriend. Just ask singer Marques Houston, model Tyson Beckford and rapper Game. He's probably lowkey talking about himself because it's therapeutic. This is a very solid pop song with a very engaging chorus. He should have released it first instead of 'Liqour', because it's clearly the better song. The track was played by RCA execs last month at the iHeartMedia Music Summit, and he's performed it live at various shows.
The cut, co-written by Talay Riley, was also released to iTunes New Zealand, and will appear on his upcoming seventh album 'Royalty,' due this fall.