Once again, Chris Brown hits back at TMZ's Harvey Levin over Gay Pride gig...

Chris Brown continues to insist he was never booked at this year’s “gay pride” gig in Atlanta following a TMZ report insisting he had settled his differences  with party promoter Melissa Scott. 
As of writing, Scott is trying to recoup back the funds lost prior to his no-show. She is attempting to claim back at least $12,500 from him and his team or else she’ll sue his ass. 

This is something she should have done WITHOUT creating all this hoo-ha with the media. I find it highly unprofessional for a businesswoman to even pull such a stunt. It just makes me think she was looking to benefit from the publicity, given his celebrity and pull as a constant headline grabber, as well as his notoriety for homophobic fall-outs in the past. Anyway, check out his rant inside.