Video Premiere: JoJo – ‘When Love Hurts’...

JoJo's video for her dance-pop single ‘When Love Hurts’ received an MTV premiere this week, and it has a very liberating feel to it. JoJo struts about in an abandoned warehouse, while her troupe of dancers deliver some really expressive choreography. 
The video was nothing special, although it had its beautiful moments. Her body is snatched and clearly shows her months of hard work at the gym have paid off. I'm still rooting for this chick, even though I don't like her new singles. 

I'm very disappointed that she wants to relaunch herself into a full blown pop artist. Her appeal was that she was a young white girl with mad range doing urban-pop/R&B records. The only ones who did that effortlessly was Kiley Dean, R&B Pink and perhaps Christina Aguilera and even they weren't as young as JoJo back in the day. She truly was one of a kind.

Now that she's trying to become the new Katy Perry, that appeal is gone. Maybe she feels going this route will help break her into commercial territory. I bet her new album will be 90% pop with maybe the odd one or two urban tracks just to keep her urban fanbase sweet. So saying that, I'm not happy she took the really safe option but I do understand it. She also plans to release videos for her other two singles 'Say Love' and 'Save My Soul' sometime next month.