Chris Brown is as legendary as Michael Jackson + Tupac, says Nick Cannon...

Okay, remember when Nick Cannon was actually married to a *real* musical legend? You'd think his views on what qualifies as legendary would have been of higher standard. 
He believes that like Michael Jackson and Tupac, embattled star Chris Brown is “a true legend amongst legends,” even comparing their media onslaught to CB’s experience.

Not to downplay CB's talent because in deed he is a very talented young man. However, his music hasn't broken barriers and it's very generic.

While he may have been able to sustain a career in music after his many controversies, people don't forget so easily. I think this will continue to overshadow his potential to become the full fledged superstar that he could have been. It's sad, because before he physically assaulted Rihanna, he was very much on his way.