Janet Jackson continues to upset fans over concert footage violations...

Last week it was reported that producer Seven Aurelius had his SoundCloud and YouTube accounts deleted without notice after he uploaded Janet Jackson's 'S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S' to both platforms.
Well, Janet and her team have taken their deleting spree over to Instagram and fans are fuming!

Apparently, it has now become forbidden to go to a Janet Jackson concert, shoot footage and put it on any social media platform. 

Or your accounts will just get deleted even if you're a first time violator!

The good news is, an Instagram spokesperson reveals to TMZ that only "repeat infringers" should've had their accounts deleted, and the error was down to some bug. So many fans are now having their accounts reinstated.

Her camp are not playing games with this infringement crackdown. It's like the Mariah Carey situation all over again when she dropped 'Touch My Body.' Blogs were being deleted left and right after the song leaked prematurely and bloggers started posting it. Not understanding why the concert footage is an issue given that the album has been out for almost three weeks and we've heard all the new music already. Talk about drastic!