Janet Jackson stars in her own lyric video for BURNITUP!’ ft Missy Elliott...

I really hope we get an official music video for Janet Jackson's new single,‘BURNITUP!’ featuring Missy Elliott. Janet has been very lowkey with her promotion this era. 
There has not been a single TV performance of 'No Sleeep,' and she seems to be putting all focus into her widely successful 'Unbreakable' tour.  Her lyric video for ‘BURNITUP!’ is also very tour focused. 

We're treated to behind the scenes footage backstage, as well as scenes from Janet performing on stage and shots from her dressing room. Her dancers receive the most airtime holding up lyric signs and Janet is seen holding some lyric signs too. Very creative concept for a lyric video as often you just get animation and words floating across the screen. Janet was very hands on with this video and it looks like her dancers have so much fun with her behind the scenes. Janet released her new album 'Unbreakable' yesterday and that shot straight to #1 on the official U.S. iTunes album chart.