Khia: "Janet Jackson's new album put me to sleep"...

During a recent vlog live chat from what appears to be her kitchen, a salty Khia went on record to say Janet Jackson's new album 'Unbreakable' is a real snoozefest. 
Some people may share her sentiments (I'm not one of them), but can anyone take her comments seriously? For many years now, Khia has been fuming over 'So Excited,' a cut off Janet’s '20 Y.O.' album. 

Apparently Khia got cut out of the music video because Janet was supposedly jealous of her. *snicker* “That hoe hated me cause she thought I was fucking Jermaine [Dupri],” she says. “That hoe cut me outta all the scenes." Khia then pulls out a cellphone to show a BET email requesting song clearance for an upcoming Jackson special. Khia is listed as a writer on the song and claims she’s still collecting publishing checks for 'So Excited.'  See what happens when your career fades to oblivion?

You become desperate and bitter and it continues to eat away at you after so long. Khia can deny all she wants that she isn't relevant anymore, but Janet has been enjoying a highly successful comeback. And where she be? In her kitchen, serving a tipsy struggle rant to anyone who will listen. Who gets the last laugh now?

Rant starts at 14:40: