Rihanna breaks another record...

Rihanna's Rock In Rio set made history as it had the highest ratings ever for a Rock In Rio show with 7.5 million viewers. 
For that very concert, she also sold out 88,000 tickets in 57 minutes. Doesn't really sound like someone who is on their last legs does it? Sure, she released three singles this year, two of which didn't do so well. 

'FourFiveSeconds' may well have been the exception, as it debuted within the top five of the Billboard Hot 100. Even then, people would consider that an under-performance for a Rihanna lead single. It was different and I think it charted high only because of Rihanna's name and the hype of it being a possible lead single. I don't think her fans wanted a folk song featuring Kanye's tortured cat vocals.
It was embraced because it was something new and people were intrigued. The moral of the story is that Rihanna still has pulling power and that her musical comeback is very much anticipated. She just needs to get back to releasing songs that don't sound like... 'Bitch Better Have My Money.'
Here's the list!
1. Rihanna 7.5m
2. Queen 5.0m
3. Katy Perry/Elton John 4.7m
4. SOAD 4.4m
5. Metallica 4.2m