Rihanna covers New York Times’ T magazine...

Another day. Another cover. Rihanna talks to author and filmmaker Miranda July  about how race impacts her career and how she handles the pressure of public scrutiny.  
Her cover interview was with the latest T magazine – New York Times’s style magazine, and it has named her one of “The Greats”! 

I like the simplicity of this photoshoot. Rihanna's face looks really stunning, even in close-up shots. Why hasn't her album dropped yet? The release of her album cover was at least a starting point. However, all these interviews and magazine covers just seem... pointless. The interview was outstanding too. She came across smart and well articulate. Rihanna had that interviewer sprung! Wouldn't you be? Her album should have been out or at least close. I really don't get this era at all. Perhaps everything will make sense at some point. Check out the complete cover story here, and the rest of the photoshoot below.