Rihanna covers Vanity Fair...

Later this week, Rihanna's November issue of Vanity Fair will hit newsstands.
In the very candid interview, she speaks on her sex life, dating, getting back briefly with Chris Brown, her respect for Eminem, and having Jay Z as a mentor. Click here to read the entire cover story.

Vanity Fair really tried it with that bait they call a headline. It just makes readers want to dive in. The interview didn't disappoint. Well, okay, parts of it did. My girl about to catch some serious heat for hailing Rachel Dolezal a "hero." At the end of the day, there really isn't anything heroic about fabricating your racial identity for your own political agendas. I hope she gets an easier drag than Keri Hilson though. Be easy on her ya'll. Be easy. That aside, red hair is Rihanna's calling. This is such a stunning cover, and the accompanying photoshoot, lensed by Annie Leibovitz in Cuba, is just as fab.