Rihanna invites media to preview album artwork #R8...

Journalist Gerrick Kennedy, who writes for the very reliable LA Times, is serving more than biscuit crumbs when dishing on Rihanna's hotly anticipated eighth studio album. 
She has invited several media outlets to preview the album artwork in LA. Kennedy often gets invited to music events, which recently included her 'Bitch Better Have My Money' premiere showcase. It was evident that something was brewing the moment her major Vanity Fair cover spread was revealed and she started talking about Chris Brown again. 

She must have a release date set in motion. It doesn't make much sense to invite media round for an album viewing if she has no idea of when the project is coming out. Hopefully, she doesn't end up clashing with Adele if she's planning to release in November which is usually when she drops her albums. Navy, keep those fingers crossed!