Tamar Braxton performs ‘Circles’ On ‘Wendy’...

Tamar Braxton stopped by The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week to perform 'Circles' off her new album 'Calling All Lovers,' which was released yesterday. 
Tamar sounded a little hoarse in this performance but overall, this was a really nice effort. Bear in mind, this is in fact a hard song to sing, so she gets a pass. Whoever did her make-up deserves a medal, and she needs to keep this hair too. This is the hottest she has looked in a while. 

Tamar's album is currently #3 on the official U.S. iTunes album chart, so I can't wait to see the overall figures given this years decline in R&B and before. I hope Tamar is taking better care of her instrument this era. She is one of the few singers right now serving major vocal prowess and she needs to hold onto that.