Tamar Braxton responds to new album 'Calling All Lovers' flopping...

Kudos to Tamar Braxton on remaining positive despite the poor sales of her (very solid) album ‘Calling All Lovers.’ 
"Who cares what anyone says or thinks or who bought it... who didn’t buy it (don't cheat yourself). Hell, even if you stole it, ‘Calling All Lovers’ is my BEST work and I’m PROUD of it no matter what!" she wrote.

The album debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 with sales of just 37,000 units.

In deed a far cry from the 113,000 she opened with on ‘Love & War’ two years ago. Leona Lewis took the exact same positive approach a few weeks ago on Instagram too. If an artist feels they put all their hard work and passion into something, it is only right they don't let it be defined by some numbers, big or small.