Video Premiere: Jhené Aiko – ‘Lyin King’...

Time traveller Jhené Aiko has a prophetic vision of neglected women in a tribe. This prompts her to miraculously put an end to their suffering, much to the men's fury.
It can't be denied that Jhené delivered a symbolic video with a really powerful concept. Jhené's music bores me senseless and her live performances have been a real struggle. However, she really puts in the effort with her visuals and I can at least admire her for that. 

The video itself was co-directed by TOCK and Topshelf Junior. These power battle lines between men and women occurs in every day life, so it's very relatable and an easy concept to grasp. 'Lyin’ King' is from her 2014 album, 'Souled Out,' and you can read the full story about the video over on her Tumblr.