Video Premiere: Melanie Fiona – ‘I Tried’...

Don't sleep on Melanie Fiona's new video 'I Tried.' Her message will really "awaken" you as it is both powerful and emotional. 
Melanie tackles everything from abuse, domestic violence, rape and racism, to mass shootings, police brutality, racial inequality and human trafficking. 

The controversial deaths of African Americans Eric Garner, Mike Brown and Sandra Bland are highlighted, while a bruised and battered Melanie is locked inside a glass box crying. This is admirable of Melanie. She comes across as a true realist who is not afraid to sing about what she feels.  I notice a lot of black artists refrain from addressing these issues. They fear it will mess with their coin because it isn't blacks holding the strongest statistic for buying music.

And then again, some will argue that Melanie can afford to be so vocal because she's not A-List, but had she been on Beyoncé's level, would she have used her platform to bring about awareness to these serious social justice issues? We'll never know. Anyway, the song, produced by Andre 'Dre' Harris serves as the follow-up to lead single 'Bite The Bullet.' The track is set to appear on Melanie’s third studio album 'Awake', due in early 2016.