Where is Rihanna?

It's been 17 days since Rihanna unveiled the official artwork for her new album 'ANTi.' Rihanna hasn't been seen anywhere since her album cover launch two weeks ago. 
Should we be worried? November is just days away and Rihanna has not dropped a new single or announced a release date for her new album. It only took less than a week for Adele to announce her new album and then drop the song and video a day later. 

You don't create quite the spectacle over the unveiling of your album artwork and then drop off the face of the earth just like that.
She has to be up to something right? Her team are probably running scared and told her to push back the album to next year. Nobody wants to release during this period of this 'Hurricane Adele' madness. Hopefully, Adele's comeback isn't the one to have sealed Rihanna's fate.