Adele shatters world records set by Utada Hikaru & Ayumi Hamasaki...

Adele's new album '25' sold 3,468,558 copies in its first week in the States, and it's the biggest first week sales OF ALL TIME!
This sets a new album sales record for most copies sold in a single territory. Fourteen years ago during the sales week of March 28th – April 3rd, history was made when Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki both released albums on the same day. Utada’s sophomore Japanese studio album 'Distance' sold 3,002,720 copies setting the record for highest amount of first week sales in a single territory. Ayumi Hamasaki’s 'A BEST' achieved the second highest first week sales ever with 2.8 million copies sold.  

Over in the UK, '25' has become the fastest selling album in British history debuting with 800,307 copies. It has now sold over 5 million copies worldwide in the first week. Wooooow. Adele has accomplished something so extraordinary especially in a climate where sales have become significantly lower!