Ciara & Jazze Pha talk possible musical reunion...

Producer Jazzy Pha thinks it is time to dance again and wants to create more of those type of hits he did with Ciara on her debut. 
Jazze wants to make that happen before he gets too old and Ciara bows out of music completely. I would honestly be here for another Jazze song. 

Of course it would have to be fresh and not dated. You already know how some producers try to recycle their biggest hits especially ones they had with that very artist and it never really works out in the end.

Even if the song is super hot, it may not be as big, because hype for a new Ciara record is not how it was back in the day. Their interview is set to be featured on tomorrow night’s episode of Revealed, a Fuse original series that looks at the back story of some of today’s biggest artists. Check out a small clip below.