Patti Labelle refuses to give YouTube man credit for the success of her pies...

A narcissistic and ungrateful Patti Labelle is now claiming her pies were successful and selling out loooong before James Wright's video went viral.
Come on Patti. Patttttiiiii! Bitch, I did free advertising for your sweet potatoe pie. Suuure, I get that it was YOU who delivered a really great recipe. However, all those millions of people who rushed out and brought your pie didn't even know your flop pie existed until my video went viral. Your pies would've been sitting on the shelves gathering dust if it weren't for my video. Even Walmart confirmed that the pies were a hard sell prior to my video. Bitch, if you didn't want to cut me a cheque I'd have respected that because I'm a fan of yours but to say your pie sold without my video is a gotdamn lie! Patttttiiiii!

Walmart posts video of Walmart bakery buyer thanking James Wright for bringing mass awareness to Patti's pie:

Mr Wright's original video that helped millions of Patti's pies fly off the shelf: