Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg: Chris Brown pleads with followers to pre-order his album...

Po' baby look so drawn out and depressed. He probably wept a little when he discovered he's not getting much pre-orders for his album 'Royalty.'
It's really embarrassing for him to be begging people on Instagram and Twitter to buy his album. It was only recently he slagged off his record label because they're not financing it with the big promo push it desperately needs. 

Most celebs would never, and some don't even have his popularity. It's not like he's irrelevant. This goes to show that having millions of followers on social media means jack. His post attracted 165K likes but he more than likely won't sell that much in the first week. How many of those people that liked his post will actually purchase his album? 

It's free to follow a celebrity, and most people that follow celebs aren't even fans. They just follow that celeb to be nosy. Not because they want to purchase any of their projects. The main  reason why he has so many followers on social media is because social media has been the platform for ALL of his meltdowns. People find that entertaining. Only a small percentage of his followers are actual fans. Most of his followers are bot accounts that aren't even real. Stop thinking that "followers" are suppose to turn into record sales because that's just not how it works. He doesn't put out good songs any more ('Fine China' possibly being his last decent song). His music just isn't worth buying anymore, period.