Can Keyshia Cole make a comeback in 2016?

Keyshia Cole recently announced that she won't be releasing her new album independently.
Keyshia's reality show from back in the day helped her albums to sell buckets. Of course she had her ratchet ass mama to thank for making that show interesting, but most importantly, her music was top notch. Fast forward to today and Keyshia is not delivering the quality of music that should warrant her albums to sell. Her last album 'Point of No Return' (which sold just 25K in its opening week) was simply horrendous and the videos looked like they were shot on a shoe-string budget. Sadly, the economic decline of real R&B music has not given artists much motivation to put out good music. Some have even dumbed down their sound and even commercialized it just to keep up or stay relevant (Usher said this about his own music regarding his last hit single.) 

At this point, I have no clue what Keyshia can do to achieve a successful comeback. I'd like to think it would be as simple as going back to her old production team who did her first and second albums and just singing the way she use to. But she's rubbed people up the wrong way, her attitude stinks and she dissed Beyoncé. Some would see that as blasphemous and career suicide (Keri Hilson has never recovered). Hopefully, she puts just as much focus into giving us some good ass music and strong promotion as she did when pitching her fish dinners outside the Grammy Awards.