Chris Brown continues to complain about fans not buying his album...

If Monica, R. Kelly and August Alsina's low album sales are anything to go by, Chris Brown should be extremely grateful for his.
He should be grateful that his new album 'Royalty' sold in the six figures, but that's not the case here. Those three artists mentioned release R&B music (or in CB's own words, "chitterlings and slave" music) and they sold stale biscuit in comparison. The tweet below is what he reposted on his Instagram before swiftly deleting after realising how ungrateful it made him look.
For a limited time, he dropped his album to $4.99, and is clearly upset that he has to resort to these measures when it hasn't even been a week since the album dropped. He sees the first week sales of Justin Bieber who is doing similar music to him, and he wants that too. Who wouldn't? Hell, his first week sales is barely outselling Justin's album which dropped over a month ago. 

I know that the label must have expected a bigger return, because the quality of those music videos must have taken up a significant slice of the budget. Well I guess snubbing that "chitterlings and slave" music for commercial crap didn't work out for him either. Though I'd hardly call 125-135K copies (150-160K including streams) a flop.

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