Chris Brown has another meltdown about his album sales: "BUY MY SH*T!"

Chris Brown has deeply offended his fans yet again after going on another Twitter rant about people not supporting his album 'Royalty.'
I knew this meltdown was coming the moment I saw that Instagram post. Chile... not even a thank you to the 135,000 - 145,000 fans that actually went out and brought your album? "I work 3 times harder than my peers" he says. And that's very much reflected as he's getting triple the amount of sales, so really, where is the problem? He's been doing these numbers for three albums straight now, so it's something he should be expecting. If anything this album is MORE successful because he did these numbers WITHOUT one hit song. At least he had that with his previous releases.  What a self-entitled brat.

Anyway, I'll leave you with his tweets which I have capped, because you know those tweets won't be up for very long.