Christina Milian opens up about her domestic abuse...

In a recent episode of 'Christina Milian Turned Up', the singer spoke about her past abusive relationship at the hands of an ex-boyfriend.
She made her shocking admission while discussing plans to promote a new app called ‘Stop Attack’ with her mother. Christina was using her experience as an example of a situation ‘Stop Attack’ could have helped prevent. “Even when I was in that abusive relationship back in the day,” Christina said, while her mother recalls: “We know you almost lost your life…you had bruises and you were covering them up all the time.”

I feel sorry for any woman who went through that. However, the timing of such admission is a bit suss. Someone is clearly after that third season and I can't even be mad at that. There might be some speculation like with Kelly Rowland's admission in regards to her domestic abuse from a past relationship (her abuser still remains unidentified). Christina says the abuse happened when she was 18, so it couldn't have been any of the famous men she hooked up with in her career. Her music career hadn't even kicked off yet at the time. She supposedly date Demi Lovato's boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama at around that time but it would be unfair to point fingers. At the end of the day, it could have been anyone.

Watch their heart-to-heart below.