Mariah Carey on that 'Pier 1' hustle...

Mariah Carey has enough money to buy half of Africa, yet she was paid 300K for standing at this event for one hour. 
So 300K is nothing to scoff at, but for Mariah and her multi-billionaire boyfriend, that's like pocket change. I know she's not making any money from her recent albums but she's raking it in royalties with that Xmas classic of hers and she's earned more than Nick Cannon's entire net worth with her Vegas residency last year. This just seems a bit beneath her but I guess money is money at the end of the day. Anyway, she looks cute and classy and it seems she's lost some weight too. She just needs someone to have words with her about her shoe game because it just aint popping.

Mariah Carey attends the Pier 1 Imports Pop-up Store launch event in NYC (12/1):