New Aaliyah song to be featured on Timbaland's upcoming Christmas day mixtape...

According to a press release, super producer Timbaland has a new song with the late Aaliyah on his forthcoming 'Kings Stay Kings' mixtape, due Christmas day.
A few months ago, Tim promised a teaser that never came so when the full track drops on Christmas day, fans will be ripping out their follicles once they finally get to hear this unreleased Aaliyah song. 

I'm curious to hear the track, but I can't help but wonder how vintage it will sound if it comes at the back of their recording sessions in 97-98. When she recorded the 'Aaliyah' album, she was drifting away from Tim's production and she wasn't even working with Missy then. I wonder if it will sound super dated or if it was something she recorded not long before her passing. Are you excited to hear new-ish Aaliyah music?

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