Omarion upset over Grammy snub...

Omarion is peeved off about not getting a Grammy nomination for 'Post To Be' but he got a Soul Train Award for it and didn't even come! 
I think people put the Grammys on too high a pedestal. This show hasn't been credible in years and now base their decisions on popularity (Taylor Swift) and not merit. In all honestly, 'Post To Be' (which features Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko) is a catchy song, and his talent shouldn't be overlooked but anyone with ears can hear for themselves that this song just wasn't Grammy worthy. 

The much more deserving Leonardo DiCaprio has never ever won an Oscar but you never hear him make a complaint about it. Some people don't need a trophy to validate their hard work. They just get satisfaction from knowing they put in the raw talent and passion into their art and often times the (large pay cheque and) critical acclaim is enough.