Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Rihanna accused of sabotaging Rita Ora's career...

Rita Ora has never been a threat to Rihanna. It's actually quite laughable for anyone to believe she would go through such lengths to sabotage Rita's career.
Apparently, Rihanna is being blamed for Rita's label lawsuit against Roc Nation. Given the source, we should take this with a pinch of salt. Industry insiders claim that Rihanna has never liked Rita and has been using her power at Roc Nation to sabotage the 'R.I.P.' singer. They cite this as the main reason why Roc Nation execs don't really care about promoting Rita. 

Songs that might be submitted to Rita are said to automatically go to Rihanna, who may then hold them for months before deciding she doesn’t want them. Given Rihanna's struggle to sort out her own album era with Roc Nation, methinks sabotaging Rita would be the last thing on her mind.